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Collectively, our firm’s lawyers have over 100 years of trial and litigation experience in a wide array of practice areas, including personal injury matters, products liability, premises liability, uninsured motorist cases, subrogration actions, municipal liability, and insurance defense matters.

Insurance Coverage Opinions & Insurance Defense

We provide insurance coverage opinions on homeowner, automobile, and commercial policies. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in providing advice on the availability and parameters of coverage.  We are regularly called upon by insurance companies and third party administrators to offer legal opinions.  Our firm’s attorneys are also knowledgeable about insurance company litigation protocols and cost containment requirements.  Such expertise is essential when having to defend insureds in personal injury suits, and when defending insurance companies against allegations that the denial of a claim was done in bad faith.



In 1944, Congress passed the McCarran-Ferguson Act, which left to the states the duty of regulating the insurance industry.  In Connecticut, the Connecticut Unfair Insurance Practices Act (CUIPA) seeks to protect policyholders from the wrongful acts of certain insurance companies.  Among the many deceptive practices CUIPA prohibits, it prohibits such acts as the issuing of statements that misrepresent the benefits, advantages, or terms of any insurance policy.  To see CUIPA in its entirety, click on the following link:

Our attorneys are very experienced in insurance litigation, and have a full understanding of  an insurance company’s duties under CUIPA.


Premises Liability

Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the law regarding premises liability.  Premises liability is a term for personal injury cases involving injuries that occur on another person’s property.  These types of cases involve slip-and-fall cases, crimes occurring on the property due to inadequate security, and injuries suffered while on another person’s property.  The causes of premises liability injuries include poor maintenance of the property, disrepair, and hidden dangers.  Additionally, because injuries that result could be very serious, potential damages could be high for the property owner.

Private Defense

We provide services to those who have been sued who have no insurance coverage for the incident, or their insurer has denied coverage, or the law suit contains claims that are not covered under their insurance policy or those which may exceed insurance policy coverage limits.


Many companies are self-insured. At KB&M our attorneys routinely represent self-insureds and we understand the constraints that being self-insured can impose on a company. We work closely with the company contact or third party administrator to provide efficient legal services that fit our self-insured business clients’ needs and business plans.

If you or someone you know has accused you of being responsible for injuries they suffered while on your property, you need a qualified attorney to examine the facts of your case, advise you of your options, and advocate effectively on your behalf.  Our attorneys have successfully defended property owners and insurance companies in premises liability actions.  We have also represented insurance companies in subrogation actions, where insurance companies seek reimbursement from third parties who are found at fault and responsible for the insured’s damages.

The attorneys at Kenny, Brimmer, and Mahoney have extensive experience and knowledge in insurance defense matters.  Our attorneys have conducted numerous trials at the state and federal level.  The majority of our attorneys have argued in front of the Connecticut Supreme Court.  We understand the importance of your case and the need to have attorneys represent you with dedication and thoroughness.  If you need effective legal representation in an insurance defense matter, contact us for a consultation.

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