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Creditor’s Rights and Landlord Matters

Our attorneys have extensive experience in creditor’s rights and landlord issues.  We have over 100 years of experience negotiating, settling, and arbitrating business litigation matters from trial through appeal.  Additionally, unless there is a conflict, we do not refer cases out for trial or appellate work; instead, we handle all phases of litigation from inception through disposition.  We represent creditors in bankruptcy cases, enforcement of foreign judgments, mechanic’s liens, and debt collections.

Creditor’s Rights

If you are a creditor, the success of your business or livelihood often depends on being paid for your services in a timely manner.  Collecting on debts can be a costly and time-consuming process; an experienced business attorney can help you expedite the collection process.

Our attorneys can assist you in filing a lawsuit against the debtor and collecting the money owed to you.  We vigorously pursue multiple avenues to collect on the debt, including the following:

  • Mechanic’s liens:  Creditors, such as general contractors and suppliers, can place a lien on a person’s real property for money that is owed to them for their labor.
  • Garnishment:  This is also known as “wage execution,” which is a court-ordered way of collecting on a debt.  The judgment creditor collects on monies owed to him or her by collecting a part of the debtor’s salary.
  • Attachment:  This is a process where there is a preliminary, before judgment, seizure of the debtor’s property to satisfy the creditor’s claim.  In Connecticut, the plaintiff can obtain this prejudgment remedy so long as the plaintiff submits an unsigned writ, summons, and complaint with an affidavit showing that a judgment will likely be entered, to the court.

To ensure that creditors obtain repayment for debt owed to them, it is important to navigate through existing federal and state laws knowledgably and effectively.  Our attorneys provide efficient, cost-effective legal services to assist you in obtaining the money you rightly deserve.

Landlord Matters

The process of collecting on unpaid rent is very difficult for landlords. We understand that having tenants who refuse to pay rent or abide by the terms of the lease can be extremely stressful and frustrating.

However, landlords have options available to them.  At Kenny, Brimmer, & Mahoney, LLC, our experienced attorneys will advise you of your options and ensure that your rights and remedies as a landlord are protected and enforced.  We assist landlords with:

  • Notice to Quit:  This is also known as the eviction procedure, and this option is typically used when the tenant has not paid rent and refuses to leave the premises.  To obtain possession of the premises, the landlord must sue the tenant in court.  Our experienced attorneys are readily familiar with the eviction process and can assist you in evicting a tenant.
  • Filing Suit:  Another option a landlord has is to file a complaint in Connecticut Superior Court for unpaid rent or for breach of the terms of the lease.  Our attorneys can assist you in collecting on rent owed from a former tenant.

Our attorneys can assist you in obtaining possession of the premises through the eviction process or suing for unpaid rent.  Additionally, if you are a creditor who is seeking payment for debts owed to you, we have a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in collecting debt using judicial methods.  We offer efficient and cost-effective services, and have the experience, knowledge and dedication to ensure a successful resolution to your legal dispute.  Contact us for a consultation regarding your specific case.

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